Monday, December 7, 2009

Cakes ive made for Family & Friends.

My best friend had a Mexican fiesta party so I made her this chocolate cake and put two mini tequila bottles on it to stick to the theme she loved it.

This was a cake I made for my twin nephews when they turned 5.

This was a cake I made for my niece Ayana who turned 1.

I made a butter cake for the cake. I used Fluffy Icing to frost the cake and I used Fondant Icing for the letters,Flowers & butterfly's.

I made this Spider man cake for my twin nephews Levi and Ice who was turning 3.

I made this princess castle cake for my niece Paris who was turning 5.

I used Betty crocker Vanilla cake mix for the cake, butter icing for frosting, I printed out pictures of Disney princesses and laminated them. On top I used an ice cream cone and frosted it to look like the top of a castle.

I made this cake for my niece Noelanis 1st birthday.

I made this cake for my niece who was turning 1 she loves Hi5.

I used 2x Betty Crocker Vanilla cake mix I find it much easier using cakes mix on birthday party's because you know they wont come out flat. I made butter icing to frost the cake and used fondant icing to make the star shapes and letters. I hired two circle cake tins from the local bakery 1 large circle tin for the bottom and 1 small for the top.

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