Friday, April 27, 2012

Leopard Print Cake

The customer asked for a Leopard Print cake so I was looking on the web thinking of all the different ways I could do this there was three ways I was thinking if doing it 1) cut out bits of black fondant and roll them into the nude colour fondant 2) airbrush the design, I dont own a airbrush machine so that ones out or 3) Hand paint it on the cake. So I went with number 3 hand paint it. So i'd been on youtube looking at all the tutorials and got started 1st dilemma I didnt make the black foodcolour paint dark enough so did two coats of that 2nd my fondant I covered the cake with was going sticky and wet from the cold cake underneath so it wasnt looking to good at one point, so after it all dryed I think it turned out ok.
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