Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cake Ball's and Disaster Lemon Cake

It was my turn to bring a plate for Music Group this week, where I take the youngest of the 3 boys I care for. So all week I was planning to make a Lemon Yogurt Cake I found on Pinterest simple and Light. Now as I was making this cake I was also making a White Chocolate Mud Cake for my Brother-in-law who's moving to Australia. I pull the self-raising flour out of the cupbored cause I know mud cake has self-raising flour and standard flour in the recipe, This is where I made the mistake I put self-raising flour in the Lemon cake when the recipe asks for standard flour as it already has baking powder in it. So I pop the Lemon cake in the oven and start clearing space to start the mud cake and thats when I see the label on the container self-raising flour, No! was all I could say. So all I could do was cross my fingers and hope it turns out fine, which it doesnt. Because it has all that leveling in it, it bubbled up then flopped back down, Baking disaster.

Disaster Lemon Cake

Plan B was to get the chocolate cake I had in the freezer and make cake balls, which were a hit at music group all the teachers and mums loved them and requsted the recipe. So moral of the story is read the label on your flour containers.

Cake Balls Recipe
  • 1 Chocolate Cake
  • 3/4 cup Chocolate Frosting
  • 200g Dark Chocolate
Crumble Chocolate cake in a large bowl add frosting and make a paste. Roll into balls and place on a tray covered in baking paper, pop in the feezer for 30mins.
Mean while melt chocolate in microwave, Take balls out of the freezer and cover in chocolate.
Keep balls in fridge until ready to use.
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